Naming Ceremony


When you have a child a nice way to Welcome and Introduce them to family and friends is to have a Naming Ceremony. This may take the place of a christening when you don't have any particular religious beliefs or you may like to have some religious content in the ceremony.

When your child is born or comes into your life through adoption, it is a very important time. A Naming Ceremony is one way of introducing your child to your family and friends and the child may be of any age.

I provide a Certificate for you to keep and we can involve as many people as you choose in the actual ceremony. The Naming Ceremony is not a legal necessity but it does create some wonderful memories. It is also a time to reflect on what your child means to you and the wider community. a time when we can all be filled with joy at the cycle of life.

Please contact me and we can plan a special day for you and your your child.

Children are not only reliant on their parents but also on their extended family. In fact the community in which they live should supply loving care and support because we are all interconnected. The well being of the younger members of our society, their education, their physical and psychological health is the fundamental responsibility of us all.

The rewards may not be immediate but like all long term investments the initial input of time, patience, understanding and caring will ultimately be rewarded by well adjusted and loving young adults in the future.